Ελληνικός Πολιτιστικός Ορειβατικός Σύλλογος Φυλής (Ε.Π.Ο.Σ.Φυλής)
Αλιάνθου 5 ΦΥΛΗ 13351
φαξ: 210-2412099
Κιν.6981005737, 6973693552

Tραπεζικός λογαριασμός Συλλόγου
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Όνομα ιδιοκτήτη λογαριασμού: Ε.Π.Ο.Σ.Φυλής


Δευτέρα, Μάιος 10, 2021
Σαβ.15/5/2021 Δυτική Πάρνηθα
Σαβ.15/5/2021 Δυτική Πάρνηθα

Σάββατο 15 Μαίου: Δυτική Πάρνηθα.

Αγία Παρασκευή πηγών Φυλής (700μ. )- Σπήλαιο Πανός - Αγία Παρασκευή Μποντιά (930 μ.)- πηγές Γκούρας – Κάστριζα - κορυφή Καραμανλή (930 μ.)- Προφήτης Ηλίας- πηγή Μπίκεζα -πηγές Φυλής ( κυκλική)


«Γνωρίστε μαζί μας τις υπέροχες διαδρομές της [ ... ]

Κυρ.16/5/2021 Φθιώτιδα: Ανοπαία ατραπός
Κυρ.16/5/2021 Φθιώτιδα: Ανοπαία ατραπός

Φθιώτιδα: Ανοπαία οδός-Ατραπός Εφιάλτη

Αναχώρηση 07:00 για το χωριό Ανάβρα Φθιώτιδας. Η πορεία ξεκινά από την πλατεία του χωριού. Ανηφορίζουμε ήπια σε μονοπάτι με υπέροχη θέα προς τον δίαυλο του Μαλιακού, τις εκβολές του Σπερχειού και τη Β. Εύβοια για περίπου μία ώρα.

 Στη [ ... ]

28/07/2021 – 04/08/2021 Αυστριακές Άλπεις - Grossglockner - Ιταλικές Άλπεις: Διαδρομές στους Δολομίτες. Ίνσμπουργκ.
28/07/2021 – 04/08/2021 Αυστριακές Άλπεις - Grossglockner - Ιταλικές Ά...

Αυστριακές Άλπεις (διάσχιση), πεζοπορίες από καταφύγιο σε καταφύγιο. Κορυφή Grossglockner (3.798μ.) Ιταλικές Άλπεις: Διαδρομές στους Δολομίτες. Ίνσμπουργκ.

28/07/2021 – 04/08/2021 (7 νύχτες – 8 ημέρες)

Το ταξίδι οργανώνεται από ταξιδιωτικό γραφείο και η συμμετοχή σ’ αυτό, απαιτεί  και [ ... ]




EPOS FILIS is a Greek, Cultural and Mountaineering, non-profit, athletic Association, based in Fili Attica. The club’s primary goals are to systematically cultivate and develop sports and activities related to mountains and mountain nature, such as: alpine mountaineering, mountain hiking, rock climbing, alpinism, high mountain climbs, mountain road/paths racing, archery, cycling and mountain biking, skiing and others.

For theabove reasons, EPOS FILIS tactically organizes excursions & mountaineering outdoor camps and hires coaches to transport its members on the Greek Mountain all over the country and abroad. With the help of the Association‘s devoted and experience members, that are capable and certified as mountain guides or escorts, it gives the opportunity, almost every weekend, to many young people to get in touch with nature, have the pleasure of hiking in the beautiful green Greek mountains and have the benefit of exercise in the forest. The program of those scheduled excursions is posted on the Association’s official website and a four hours/day secretary is answering the phone for information’s on future plans and provides booking facilities to its members.

With the collaboration and approval of the Greek Federation and with the supervision of dedicated trainers, such as George Voutyropoulos, a Greek climber that first step foot on Mount Everest, the Association organizes every year Winter Mountain Schools (recognized by the E.O.O.A.) and Rock Climbing with tuition fees subsidized by the Association to give the opportunity to young mainly climbers to train and train, so that they have knowledge on the mountain to promote mountaineering in the right way in our country. EPOS has made ascents to high mountains around the world and to all the important peaks of the Balkans.

EPOS is a member of the Hellenic Mountaineering Federation and the Hellenic Archery Federation and is also a member of the Voluntary Organizations of the G.S. Civil Protection of the Ministry of Civil Protection. Since the summer of 2007 and in cooperation with the competent bodies (Fire Department, the National Park Management Agency of Parnitha, the Parnitha Forest Authority and the Civil Protection Office of the Municipality of Fili) organizes volunteer fire-keeping teams of the Parnitha National Park, from the firehouse of Mount Fili.

Furthermore, the Association develops Racing Climbing, Archery to a sufficient degree, with proprietary equipment and its athletes participate in national archery and climbing competitions.

To also enhance a sport mentality the Association is organizing, every October, for the past 12 years, a road mountain race called “Arma Pranitha’s” that includes two routes of 10 km & 17 km. The race is based in the rural area of Fili, at Parnitha Mountain, and promises the Athenian runners two wonderful road races in the forest.

Also, the Association, at the main building of the club, held at Ano Liosia – Fili area, has recently constructed an artificial climbing wall, with extraordinary climbing slopes capable to satisfy the most aspiring climbers that want to develop their technique or just to evolve more in this demanding era of sport climbing.

Skeptic about the environmental issues, the Association begun its action from 2006 in the Parnitha Fire and Forest Protection in the Northern Mountain Cluster of Attica, with main goal the protection, preservation, promotion and rescue of the Parnitha mountain flora and fauna. For that reason, the Association has taken some drastic measures, inter alia:

  • Participates in reforestation and tree planting activities.
  • It organizes voluntary firefighting teams in the National Park of Parnitha and ensures their training and the provision of logistical equipment throughout the fire season each year.
  • Works with all local government agencies involved in the prevention, response and recovery of forest fires related to the above issues.
  • Carries out engraving, signaling and maintenance of mountaineering and climbing routes in Parnitha and other Greek mountains.

EPOS Filis, also, every year carries out signaling and maintenance of mountain routes in Parnitha and in other areas, like the small islands of Aegean Sea.

Finally, the scope of the Association is also to expand to cultural and educational activities, to develop a spirit of cooperation and solidarity among members, as well as to preserve and enhance our Greek tradition. Therefore, the club organizes lectures, screenings, seminars, workshops, theatrical performances, environmental - ecological interventions and all kinds of relevant events. Also, it publishes and edits the circulation of a brochure that informs the members about the Association’s actions, future plans and high-altitude scores.